Student Nurses Association


Student Nurses Association of Nitte Usha Institute of Nursing Sciences was established in the year 2004. SNA provides great opportunities to student nurses to show case their talents and thus promotes personal, intellectual, professional and social growth of its members. SNA unit will act as a liaison between nursing students and nursing faculty.

The students are provided with various opportunities to excel in academic and health related programs both in state and national level competitions, such as sports, cultural events, debate and quiz competitions. The SNA strictly follows the bylaws framed by the Trained Nurses Association of India (TNAI).


  • There shall not be any election conducted to the post of SNA bearers; but shall be selected from the nominations received, by the SNA advisory committee of the institution.
  • Nominations to the executive committee membership shall be accepted from senior batch students. (Two nominations / each post).
  • The nominees will be backed up by two members of the batch.
  • The nominations will be scrutinized by the SNA advisory committee in the presence of HOI.
  • Any nominations found to be defaulted in anyways will be rejected by the SNA advisory committee and the final list of the nominees will be displayed on the student notice board.
  • The executive committee members of the SNA to the upcoming academic year will be selected based on the standardized selection criteria existing in the institution.
  • The members of the SNA committee are unanimously selected for a term of one year.
  • SNA meeting will be held every quarterly.
  • The joint secretary shall be recorder of every SNA executive committee meeting.