Pre Hospital & Emergency Life Support

Pre Hospital & Emergency Life Support Nursing College in Mangalore


This course is designed to assist students in developing expertise in basic life skills and airway management..


  • At the end of the course the students will be able to
  • Identify the early signs of cardiac arrest in clinical settings.
  • Perform the steps of BLS and ACLS safely.
  • Develop skills in assessment of airway
  • Demonstrate techniques for management of obstructed airway
  • Recognize the need for advanced airway management
  • Simulate the technique of ET intubation
  • Interpret the ECG abnormalities in various clinical scenarios.
  • Communicate effectively, sensitively and respectfully with patients and members of health care team
  • Demonstrate leadership skills in management of airway emergencies

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GNM/PB BSc (N)/BSc (N)/MSc (N) students, Assistant Lecturers, Staff Nurses

Duration : 30 Hours
Selection : Interested and motivated candidates will be selected