Student Funded Projects

Student Projects 2021


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1 Ms. Aneena Agnes Vinu Prof. Philomena Fernandese Video assisted teaching on premenstrual syndrome and the remedial measures among adolescent girls
2 Ms. Rosna Kuriakose Dr. Neetha Kamath Relationship between health problems and coping strategies adopted among the Post Covid 19 patients with a view to develop module on Post Covid Care
3 Mr. Suvarna Thejasu Ganesh (II PB) Mr. Drago Melba Bazel Structured teaching program on knowledge and attitude regarding organ donation among people visiting the Natekal Primary Health Centre in Mangaluru.
4 Ms. Ashli Thomas

Mrs. Kavya K Involvement in co-curricular activities and well-being among students of selected nursing institutes
5 Ms. Akshatha M B Dr. Jacintha Veigas Knowledge of care giver and challenges faced on the care of elderly
6 Ms. Mila Elsa Chacko Mrs. Sarita Telma Fernandes Knowledge and Health-seeking practices of mothers about neonatal danger signs attending Primary Health Center Natekal
7 Ms. Juhee Gogoi

Mr. Sukesh

Knowledge, attitude and practice towards COVID-19 vaccination among people in selected hospital (OPD) Mangaluru.
8 Ms. Merlin George Dr. Sabitha Nayak Profile on modes of delivery among intrapartum mothers : A retrospective study
9 Ms. Dona Maria Anto

Mrs. Jeevitha Alva

Video Based Teaching on Plastic Waste Management among high school children