Student Funded Projects

Student Funded Projects

Student Projects 2021

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Ms. Aneena Agnes Vinu

Prof. Philomena Fernandese

Video assisted teaching on premenstrual syndrome and the remedial measures among adolescent girls

Ms. Rosna Kuriakose

Dr. Neetha Kamath

Relationship between health problems and coping strategies adopted among the Post Covid 19 patients with a view to develop module on Post Covid Care

Ms. Swetha Narayanan E

Mrs. Suchithra B S

Comparative study to assess the Quality of life of patients with radiation and chemotherapy in selected tertiary care hospital at Mangalore

Mr. Suvarna Thejasu Ganesh (II PB)

Mr. Drago Melba Bazel

Structured teaching program on knowledge and attitude regarding organ donation among people visiting the Natekal Primary Health Centre in Mangaluru.

Ms. Fathima Wafah

Prof. Sujatha R

Experiences of nurses trained in end of life nursing education Consortium - Paliative Care Value Added Course

Ms. Ashli Thomas

Mrs. Kavya K

Involvement in co-curricular activities and well-being among students of selected nursing institutes

Ms. Akshatha M B

Dr. Jacintha Veigas

Knowledge of care giver and challenges faced on the care of elderly

Ms. Mila Elsa Chacko

Mrs. Sarita Telma Fernandes

Knowledge and Health-seeking practices of mothers about neonatal danger signs attending Primary Health Center Natekal

Ms. Juhee Gogoi

Mr. Sukesh

Knowledge, attitude and practice towards COVID-19 vaccination among people in selected hospital (OPD) Mangaluru.

Ms. Merlin George

Dr. Sabitha Nayak

Profile on modes of delivery among intrapartum mothers : A retrospective study

Ms. Dona Maria Anto

Mrs. Jeevitha Alva

Video Based Teaching on Plastic Waste Management among high school children

Student Projects 2020

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Ms.Anjana Tomy Mrs. Jeevitha Alva Parental perception and challenges on E-learning-An online survey 2500.00
Ms. Ann Maria George Prof. Shynee Paul Somatic symptoms and perceived stress among gynaecological cancer survivors undergoing radiation therapy 3500.00
Ms.Jyothilakshmi K V Mrs. Suchithra B S Challenges faced by nurses during COVID-19 pandemic 3000.00
Ms. Jiss CK

Prof. Sujatha R Relationship of mass media usage and knowledge on neonatal care during COVID-19 pandemic among postnatal mothers in a selected hospital at Mangaluru 3800.00
Ms. Janvy Mariya Rose Mrs. Timi Thomas Correlation between academic test anxiety and self esteem among undergraduate students 3500.00
Ms. Diana Robert Dr. Neetha Kamath Opinion on online and traditional classes among students 3600.00
Ms. Kripa Chacko

Mrs. Divya

Perception and challenges of teachers on digitalized teaching learning process in selected nursing colleges at Mangalore 3500.00
Ms. Tsering Sangmo Lama Dr. Sabitha Nayak Dietary practices and gestational weight gain among antenatal mother 3500.00
Ms. PriyaScaria

Prof. Philomena Fernandes

Effectiveness of planned teaching programme on knowledge regarding the impact of mobile phone usage among antenatal mothers in a selected hospital at Mangaluru 5000.00
Ms.Sudhina VV Mrs. Sunanda B Knowledge on postnatal care among primipara mothers in a selected hospital at Mangaluru 3500.00
Ms. Irin Rose Joe

Mr. Sukesh Knowledge on COVID-19 pandemic and psychological distress among general public of southern part of India 3500.00
Ms. Nayana Saju

Dr. Jacintha Veigas Effectiveness of Patient education module on patient reported satisfaction 4000.00
Ms. Dhrishya PS

Mrs. Priya Jyothi Monteiro Knowledge on cervical cancer among women with a view to develop information booklet – A descriptive survey 5500.00
Ms.Elsa Jaison

Dr. Jacintha Veigas Learning need assessment of patients admitted at a selected tertiary care hospital with a view to develop patient education module 3000.00
Ms. Amitha K Mrs. Cleeta Anline Pinto Knowledge, Practices and Barriers of foot care among patients with Diabetes Mellitus 4000.00
Ms. Sandra Jose

Mrs. Drago Melba Bazil Correlation between time management practices and academic stress level among nursing students in a selected institute, Mangalore 3500.00
Ms.Tenzin Namdol

Dr. Fatima Dsilva

Effectiveness of an online web based program on knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Biomedical Waste Management among health care personnel 10000.00

Ms. Terlin Tom Mrs. SaritaTelma F. Selfitis behaviour among the nursing students 5000.00