Certificate Course in Renal Nursing

Certificate Course in Renal Nursing Nursing College in Mangalore


This course is designed to assist students in developing expertise and in-depth understanding in the field of Renal Nursing. It will help the students to develop advanced skills in nursing interventions in various Nephro and Urological conditions.


  • At the end of the course the students will be able to
  • Appreciate the trends and issues in the field of renal nursing
  • Explain the principles, nursing perspectives and ethical & legal issues related to renal nursing
  • Describe the related anatomy and physiology
  • Perform the physical, psychosocial and spiritual assessment
  • Assist in various diagnostic, therapeutic and surgical procedures
  • Explain the pathophysiology and related manifestations of various nephro-urological conditions
  • Provide comprehensive nursing care to the patient with various nephro-urological conditions
  • Describe the pharmacotherapy in renal and urological conditions with nurses responsibility
  • Develop and demonstrate the skills in assisting with hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis
  • Assist in care of patient with kidney transplantation
  • Integrate the principles of renal rehabilitation in the care of patient at each stages of illness

For any information regarding the admissions,mail us at: info@nitte.edu.in


GNM/PB BSc (N)/BSc (N)/MSc (N) students, Assistant Lecturers, Staff Nurses

Duration : 180 hours