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1 N19PHDN101 Ms. Kaini Cecilia Dr. Fatima Dsilva Effect of yoga on serum inflammatory biomarkers, psychophysiology and quality of life indicators in breast cancer patients
2 NU18PHDN102 Mrs. Jeevitha Alva Dr. Neetha Kamath Effectiveness of self reliant intervention for mothers and their specially abled children.
3 N18PHDN201 Mrs. Josmitha Maria Dsouza Dr. Neetha Kamath Interaction with children on happiness among the elderly: A mixed method research
4 NU17PHDN04 Prof. Sujatha R Dr. Jacintha Veigas Palliative care cognitive edification on Nursing competency and selfresilience: It’s impact on patient satisfaction – A mixed method approach
5 NU17PHDN01 Mrs. Cleeta Anline Pinto Dr. Fatima Dsilva Genetic susceptibility and associated factors of tuberculosis among Tibetans.
6 NU17PHDN05 Mr. Sukesh Dr. Neetha Kamath Impact of life skill training program on factors influencing academic performance of nursing students
7 NU16PHDN01 Mrs. Sarita Telma Fernandes Dr. Fatima Dsilva Effectiveness of Nurse led dietary counseling on knowledge, nutritional requirement and noncompliance behavior of patients undergoing haemodialysis.
8 NU16PHDN02 Mrs. Timi Thomas Dr. Neetha Kamath Effectiveness of life style intervention strategies on knowledge of menopausal symptoms and health-promoting life style practices among women
9 NU15PHDN02

Mrs. Suchithra B S Dr. Fatima Dsilva Effectiveness of Pelvic Floor Muscle Exercise and Bladder Re-training program on symptoms and Quality of Life of women with Stress, Urge and Mixed Urinary Incontinence in a selected tertiary care hospital at Mangalore.