International Empowerment Series

Mar 18, 2024

Day -1: Flipped Classroom Teaching
Nitte Usha Institute of Nursing Sciences proudly launched the International Empowerment Series from 18th to 20th March 2024. The inaugural session, titled "Flipped Classroom Teaching," took place on March 18th at the University Auditorium, Paneer campus. This workshop was designed to disseminate knowledge about the flipped classroom model, an innovative educational strategy aimed to enhance learning by inverting traditional teaching methods. The program began with a welcome note followed by lighting of the lamp by the dignitaries. Dr. Suzanne Robertson Malt, Director of Health Science Programs at the University of Wollongong, Dubai, led the workshop. Dr. Malt shared her expertise and insights into the flipped classroom model, highlighting its benefits and challenges. The workshop attracted 68 faculty and students from various colleges in and around Mangaluru, signifying a high level of interest in innovative teaching methodologies.

Day 2: Recent Advancements & Collaborative Research in Cardiology
The 2nd day of the International Empowerment Series on 'Advances & Collaborative Research in Cardiothoracic Nursing" was held at Avishkar Hall, ABSMIDS. Dr. Basavaraj Uttagi, Head, Dept of Cardiology, Justice KS Hegde Charitable Hospital, delivered the opening remarks and emphasized the need to empower nurses to provide timely quality care in CCU. Dr. Sharlet presented an overview of the flipped classroom session held on 18.3.2024.

Dr. Suzanne Robertson, Resource person began the session by giving a short introduction about her expertise in cardiology. She remarked that Cardiology is a technology-driven area of healthcare and discussed the 'Current trends in Cardiovascular nursing' like the expanded scope of practice, focus on preventive care, integration of technology, evidence-based practice and inter-professional collaboration. The importance of precision medicine in risk assessment & enhancing diagnostic / treatment accuracy, primary, secondary and tertiary prevention, the role of a cardiovascular nurse, and the types of cardiology-related research questions were the key points explained during the session. Dr. Suzanne clarified various questions from participants. Mrs. Latha S, HoD, Medical Surgical Nursing delivered the concluding remarks. The event was moderated by Mrs. Melba Drago, Lecturer, Dept of Medical Surgical Nursing. The session had 112 participants.

The afternoon session was on "Collaborative research projects in cardiology". In the opening remarks Dr. Praveen Kumar Shetty, Director (Research & Development), Nitte University highlighted the importance of research collaboration and wise utilization of time. Following the introduction by Dr. Suzanne the participants were divided into 4 groups for a brainstorming session.

Each group concluded with unique ideas on:
1. Purpose of research within perspectives of a university
2. Relation between research & profession
3. Relation between research & clinical practice
4. The most important part of the research process.

Interestingly, most groups rationalized identifying a research question as the most important part of the research. Dr.Suzanne shared her knowledge about portfolio, and systematic review and emphasized the importance of multi-disciplinary research. Mrs. Melba Drago delivered the vote of thanks. The afternoon session had 36 participants.

Day 3: Systematic Review
The 3rd day of the workshop on "Systematic Review" was held at the NUINS Learning Centre. Dr. Syed Riyaz Ahamed, Dy. Director (International Relation), Nitte University, delivered the opening remarks, setting the tone for the day's discussions.

The workshop was led by Dr. Suzane Robertson Malt who shared invaluable insights into systematic review methodologies. A total of 29 enthusiastic faculty and students from nursing colleges in and around Mangaluru actively participated in the workshop.

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