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Department of
Community Health Nursing

Department of Community Health Nursing

The Department functions with the objective “Reach the unreached” and believe that every patient coming to a health care institution belongs to a family and hence considers holistic care are of utmost importance. Extensive practical experiences are provided to the students in rural and urban community through home visit, field visits and awareness programs. The department is supported with health personnel from government PHC, proactive community leaders and well qualified and experienced nursing faculty. The students also get the opportunity to work at different satellite clinics run by KSHEMA. The departmental faculty aims at having interdisciplinary multi centric projects to enable them to address the unmet needs of the community people.


The department provides unique opportunity for the students to explore the lifestyle practices of local culture, behavior of the rural areas of Dakshina Kannada. Faculty and the students conduct regular home visits to find the health problems and needs of people living in Natekal PHC and Kadri urban centre. The students create awareness among individual and family regarding various health conditions through demonstration, puppet show and role play. The department organizes activities to sensitize the students regarding the nutritional problems among the public and conducts nutrition demonstration program. Various programs had been successfully carried out till date such as health camps and referral services, in-service training programs for the community workers, health appraisal of preschoolers and school children. Organizing health programs, walkathon, observation of world health days and participation in national health programs also the key activity of the department. Health assessment, screening and education of tribal students regarding personal hygiene were also remarkable activity of the department. Following services were provided by the department to the needy and poor people in the rural area.

Extension Activities 2013-14 2014-15 2015-16 2016-17 2017-18 2018-19 2019-20
Mass Health Education 5 4 5 3 3 4 2
Nutrition Program 2 1 2 4 4 3 2
School Health Program 3 2 1 8 2 1 1
National Health Program 1 1 2 2 2 2 1
Old age program 2 1 1 - - - -
Occupational assessment - - 1 - - - -

Lab Facilities

Department has a well equipped lab with computer access. All necessary equipment to meet the service needs in the rural and urban communities is available in the department & has got educational models which ease the students in teaching learning activities.

Clinical Facilities

The students are given the best clinical exposure at rural and urban community under Primary Health Centre -Natekal, Urban Health Centre -Kadri, Mangalore. The students are posted under the anganwadi and sub-centers under the Natekal PHC.

Research Thrust Areas

The faculties of the department are actively involved in the research activities. The major focuses of the research area are problems of vulnerable populations of the community such as geriatrics, children, reproductive and post reproductive women. The faculties have received university grants to conduct these projects. Moreover, 29 research articles are published in national and international journals by the faculty during last five years.

Completed Faculty research projects (2019-20):
  1. Challenges at technology adoption in academic learning among students during the COVID 19 lockdown at selected institutions of Mangalore
Completed undergraduate research projects (2019-20):
  1. Correlation between knowledge and competency regarding emergency code among health care professionals in selected hospitals
  2. Quality of life of cancer patients undergoing treatment in the view to prepare the information booklet
  3. Study on identification of risk factors of uro genital problems among perimenopausal women
  4. Correlation between Perception on Menopause and Support Rendered to the Spouse by men in selected community of Mangalore
Ongoing Faculty research projects (2020-21):
  1. Effectiveness of dialysis compliance module on Quality of Life (QOL) and biochemical parameter among chronic kidney disease (CKD) patients
  2. Impact of interaction with children on blood hormonal level among institutionalized elderly
Ongoing under graduate research projects (2020-21):
  1. Opinion regarding online and traditional classes among students
  2. Selfitis Behavior among the nursing Students
  3. Challenges faced by nurses during COVID -19 Pandemic
  4. Effectiveness of patient education module on patient reported experience measure
  5. Learning need assessment of patients admitted at a selected tertiary care hospital with a view to develop patient education module
Publications (2020):
  1. Sarita T F. Knowledge and practice of dietary management in Patient undergoing haemodialysis. Indian Journal of Public health research and development clinical and diagnostic research 11 (05), 573-576-2020
  2. Suchithra BS, Fatima Dsilva , Rajeev TP. Enhancing knowledge of women on Urinary Incontinence – A pre and post Interventional study. Journal of Clinical and diagnostic research
  3. Shiji PJ, Kamath N. Effectiveness of Health Promotional Strategies on Quality Of Life among Spouse of Alcoholics in selected communities of Dakshina Kannada District. Journal of clinical and diagnostic research 2020 Sep, Vol-14(9): LC20-LC2524
  4. Josmitha Maria DSouza, Jacintha Veigas, Anirban Chakraborthy. Biological Connection to the Feeling of Happiness. Journal of clinical and diagnostic research
  5. Shynee Paul, Jacintha Veigas. Information Booklet on Self-Care Management of Chemotherapy among gynecological Cancer Survivors at Selected Hospital, Mangalore, Karnataka. Medico-Legal Update
  6. Thomas T, Kamath N. Mindfulness and Menopause- A Review. Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research, Vol 14, I 7, B 1-E
  7. Shiji P J, Kamath N. Quality of Life of Wives of Alcoholics. Journal of Public Health Research & Development, March 2020, Vol. 11, No. 03 659
Paper presentation (2019-20):
  1. Sarita Telma Fernandes. A study to assess the psychological problems and coping strategies among the elderly people in selected old age homes at Mangalore. Research ideas in Nursing. Bharatiya Vidya Peeta, Mumbai
  2. Sarita Telma Fernandes. Compliance behavior among patients undergoing haemodialysis at selected centers at Mangalore. Nursing research Day 2020, Manipal College of nursing
  3. Suchithra B S. Mitigating Stress Urinary Incontinence in women with Pelvic Floor Muscle Exercise. NRSI. Apollo college of Nursing. Hyderabad
  4. Neetha Kamath. Correlation between knowledge and attitude regarding vasectomy among men with a view to develop information booklet. Father Muller College of Nursing. Mangalore
  5. Neetha Kamath. Need of research in Curriculum. National Webinar Curriculum Research: what we need to know. Pushpagiri College of nursing, Kerala
  6. Jacintha Veigas. Menopausal symptoms and attitude among women. International webinar Advances in health economics and outcomes research. Dept. of Pharmacy Practice, NGSM Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Mangaluru

Ongoing Research Projects 2017-2018

Staff Projects (Funded by Nitte Deemed to be University)

  • E-learning utilization and barriers among teaching faculties of selected colleges of Mangalore.

Paper Published

  • Jacintha Veigas. The dietary problems, preferences and practices of elderly in a selected rural community of Mangalore. International journal of recent scientific research. 2018;9(14)
  • Jince V John. Self Directed Learning Practices and Academic Performance among Undergraduate Nursing Students. International Journal for Research in Applied Science & Engineering Technology 2018; 6 (3).
  • Neetha Kamath. Biophysical markers in prediction of PIH. International journal of nursing education,2018;10(3):135-139
  • Neetha Kamath. Quality of Life of Postmenopausal Women in Urban and Rural Communities.  Journal of Menopausal Medicine. 2018 Aug; 24(2):87-91. 
  • Neetha Kamath. Assessment of Quality of Life among Menopausal Women with a View to develop an Information Booklet. Journal South Asian Federation Menopause Society.2018; 6(1):57-61. 
  • Suchithra BS. Study to determining the knowledge and practice regarding prevention of Mosquito borne disease among adult population in selected rural community. International Journal of Mosquito Research .2018; 5(5):116-118.
  • Mrs Sarita T. Fernandes and Dr.Fatima D’silva. Effectiveness of music therapy on depression anxiety and stress among haemodialysis patients – International Journal nursing education. 2019:11(1):124-129.


  • Neetha Kamath .Effectiveness of SIM on ‘E waste management’ among employees. International conference on ICRB organized by KSHEMA on 05-10-2018 to 06-10-2018
  • Neetha Kamath. Morbid profile of children residing in tribal hostels. International conference on Universal health Coverage, Eros Hotel, organized by INC, New Delhi on 29-11-18 to 01-12-18.
  • Sarita Fernandes, ‘Assessment of risk for deep vein thrombosis among patients undergoing orthopaedic surgeries in a selected hospital at Mangalore’. International Conference at Manipal CON - 16th to 17th Feb 2018.
  • Sarita Fernandes, ‘Knowledge and practice of dietary management in patient undergoing haemo dialysis organized by JSS College of Nursing Mysore on 6th to 7th July 2018.
  • Suchitra BS. Factors associated with stress, urge and mixed urinary incontinence among women. Science day. Organized by NUCSER, KSHEMA on 28-02-2019.
  • Dr. Neetha Kamath, “Research methodology” seminar organized by PG department University College, Mangaluru on 08-02-2019.