Renal Nursing Course in India | Nitte Usha Institute of Nursing Sciences


Course Description:

This course is designed to assist students in developing expertise and in-depth understanding in the field of Renal Nursing.  It will help the students to develop advanced skills in nursing interventions in various Nephro and Urological conditions.


At the end of the course the students will be able to

  • Appreciate the trends and issues in the field of renal nursing
  • Explain the principles, nursing perspectives and ethical & legal issues related to renal nursing
  • Describe the related anatomy and physiology
  • Perform the physical, psychosocial and spiritual assessment
  • Assist in various diagnostic, therapeutic and surgical procedures
  • Explain the pathophysiology and related manifestations of various nephro-urological conditions
  • Provide comprehensive nursing care to the patient with various nephro-urological conditions
  • Describe the pharmacotherapy in renal and urological conditions with nurses responsibility
  • Develop and demonstrate the skills in assisting with hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis
  • Assist in care of patient with kidney transplantation
  • Integrate the principles of renal rehabilitation in the care of patient at each stages of illness


The course is open to:

  • B.Sc (N)/ GNM/ M. Sc (N/ P.B. B. Sc (N) students
  • lectures
  • Staff Nurses

Duration: 180 hours