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A Silver Jubilee has a special significance in the life of any institution as it signifies a coming of age and maturity

L.K. Mohohlo


 Dear Alumni,

This year 2016 – 17 is marked as the Silver Jubilee Year of Nitte Usha Institute of Nursing Sciences. Students like you who studied in this college, the pride of this college can contribute a lot to its successful completion. Our Association is happy indeed to welcome you all and we are looking forward to meet on one arena to exchange views. Indeed we expect a large number of our Alumni to participate in this advent year of 2016-17 the silver jubilee year of the College; our Association has planned to present a memorable gift to commemorate the 25th Anniversary of the college. Our desire is to present an Information communication technology centre in the college (Smart class).

The Jubilee will be a great occasion for all alumni working in various institutions in India and abroad to renew their contact with the alma-mater, meet old friends, recall the good old times, and familiarize themselves with the growth of the institution over the years. It will also give our staff members the opportunity to met their past students and the present batches on the campus. The Alumni Association will also be organizing get-togethers, the General Body meeting, and meeting of the alumni with teaching staff. Further it is also planned to conduct Series of Guest Lectures by Alumni, Silver Jubilee Documentary, Fund raising activities, Honouring distinguished Ex-faculty & staff, establishing an endowment fund for best outgoing student, Publishing Souvenir, Adopting a orphanage child

In the past 25 years of excellence nearly 5000 nurses have qualified from this College. We have made every effort to reach them through our communication system. I must confess this was not an easy task. We made an appeal for financial support both here and abroad. Thanks to those who have contributed generously and I request all your active cooperation and dedicated support for the success of this event with your whole hearted involvement and financial aid and other initiatives to strengthen the Alumni association Corpus Fund.

Finally let us all join together to make the celebrations glorious and reverberating with all initiatives.

Cleeta Anline Pinto

Organizing secretary

Silver Jubilee Celebrations