The Department of Nursing Foundation undertakes training of Undergraduate Nursing students. The Department aims to provide training in basic nursing procedure which will enable the student to attain competent skills in patient care. The students are given effective training in laboratory under simulated conditions before they could perform in actual hospital settings.

The faculty of Department of Nursing Foundation believes in providing quality based nursing education and practice with relevant scientific principles in order to prepare professionally competent nurses who will be able to practice independently in the hospital settings.

DEPARTMENTAL OBJECTIVES The Department aims to inculcate the following objectives in the students:
1. To ensure that the student acquire good theoretical knowledge and skills on principles and practice of nursing with emphasis on delivery of comprehensive nursing care.
2. Participates as a member of health team in preventive ,promotive ,curative and rehabilitative health care delivery in the society
3. To practice evidenced based nursing with relevant research findings while rendering nursing care
4. To develop effective communication skills and maintain good interpersonal relationship with patients and other health team workers.
5. To conduct research in order to provide a scientific base for various nursing procedures.

The Department has a spacious well furnished laboratory facility with 8 mannequins which acts as a simulator for practising basic nursing procedures. The laboratory is utilized by the faculties and the students for demonstration of various nursing procedures.

In order to practice the competent nursing skills our undergraduate students are posted in Justice KS Hegde Charitable Hospital in various areas such as Medicine, Surgery,ENT, Orthopaedics, Neurology and Urology wards, respectively.

Academics: University results of the Year 2015 – 16 (Nursing Foundation)

Faculty Profile
Name of Faculty Designation
Mrs. Sarita Fernandes Assoc. Professor & H.O.D.
Mr. Jerry Ison Asst.Lecturer
Mrs. Ancilla Reena Coelho Asst.Lecturer
Ms. Anupama A P Asst.Lecturer
Ms. Reeta Priya Asst. Lecturer
Mrs. Swathi Bhandary Asst. Lecturer
Ms. Pavithra Asst.Lecturer
Ms. Sukanya Asst.Lecturer