The Department of Medical Surgical Nursing aims to offer comprehensive training to undergraduate and postgraduate students based on the philosophy that students need to be well informed not only in knowledge and skills but also in the upcoming scientific advances in different areas of clinical practices so as to enable them to face new challenges and opportunities in various health care settings.

LAB FACILITIES: The college has got well equipped Nursing Foundation and Medical surgical nursing lab where students get hands on experience for various procedures. The students also get hands on experience in the Central Skill lab of Nitte University.

The students are given the best clinical exposure at K.S.Hegde Hospital in all specialty areas. Second year P.G. students are sent to specialty hospitals like Narayana Hrudayalaya , Shri Jayadeva Institute of Cardiology, Bangalore and B.M. Birla Institute of Cardiology and Research centre Kolkata

University results of the Year 2016-17 (Medical-Surgical Nursing)



PG (in the year 2017)
  • Quality of life of cancer patients receiving radiation therapy in a selected hospital at Mangaluru-A mixed method approach.
  • An observational study on phlebitis and contributing factors among patients with peripheral IV cannula at selected hospital in Mangaluru
  • Knowledge and practice of Endotracheal suctioning among nursing professionals- A systematic review Effect of povidone iodine and chlorhexidine mouth wash on oral mucositis among cancer subjects at selected hospital in Mangaluru
  • Chronic grief experience of nurse caring for the end stage cancer patients The perception of medication error among interns and staff nurses at selected hospital in Mangaluru- A mixed method approach.
  • A correlative study on depressive symptoms perceived social support and quality of life among post MI subjects in selected hospital at Mangaluru.
  • Effectiveness of palliative care support program on the quality of life and coping strategies of persons with cancer
  • Development of a need based interventional skin care protocol on incontinence associated dermatitis (IAD) among critically ill patients.
  • Effectiveness of self efficacy intervention on self care activities and quality of life of diabetics
  • Knowledge, barriers and facilitators in implementing nursing quality indicators among ICU nurses
  • Effectiveness of self instructional module on knowledge and practices of nurses on prevention of CLABSI

Multimodal Peri operative Management Programme on Postoperative recovery among clients undergoing abdominal surgery from a selected hospital at Mangaluru Impact of lung Cancer awareness program on Knowledge and attitude among adolescents from a selected colleges of Mangalore

For the year 2016-2017:
  • Prof. Mrs. Fatima D’Silva. Effectiveness of information, education and communication (IEC) program on knowledge and attitude of college students towards HPV vaccine, Mangalore, Karnataka. Journal of international academic research for multidisciplinary, Jan 2015;2(12)vol 2,191-197.
  • Prof. Mrs. Fatima D’Silva. Pain, anxiety and functional status of patients with lower limb fracture and dislocation after open reduction. Nitte University Journal of Health Science, March 2015; 5(2) 26-30.
  • Prof. Mrs. Fatima D’Silva, Lincemon Thomas. Effectiveness of a nurse- Led program regarding self care management among hemodialysis patients. International journal of Health sciences and Research,5(6) , June 2015, 419-423.
  • Prof. Mrs. Fatima D’Silva. Knowledge and attitude regarding eye donation among students of a selected nursing institute, at Mangalore. International Journal of Advanced Research 2015; (3)2,727-731
  • Prof. Mrs. Fatima D’Silva, Mrs. Cleeta Anline Pinto. Determination of serum estrogen levels and its relationships with risk of osteoporosis among women in, Mangalore. International journal of advanced research 2015;6 (4)3,506-513

For the year 2017-2018:
  • Dr.Fatima D’Silva, A protocol for systematic review on psychosocial interventions for psychological distress and QOL among women with breast cancer, IOSR, Journal of Nursing and health sciences, Jan-Feb 2017;6(1)6, ISSN 2320-1959.
  • Dr.Fatima D’Silva, Effectiveness of caregiver support program on burden and QOL of caregivers of stroke, International journal of Nursing education, Jan-Mar-2017;9(1)
  • Mrs. Cleeta Anline Pinto, Effectiveness of fenugreek on blood sugar levels among type II diabetes in a selected community in Mangalore , International journal of applied research, March 2017;3(4), 450-453
  • Prof. Mrs. Fatima D’Silva , Mrs. Cleeta Anline Pinto, Knowledge level of pre and post menopausal women on osteoporosis: a cross sectional study, IOSR Journal of nursing and health science, May-June 2017;6(3), 70-75.
  • Ms.Gincy Joseph, Mrs. Latha S, Lived experience of women diagnosed with breast cancer: A qualitative study, International journal of applied research, August 2017;3(8), , 428-433

    1. Mrs. Latha. S, Comparative study on impact of dry v/s moist heat application on feasibility of peripheral intravenous cannulation among patients, International conference on Evidence Informed Practice: An approach to healthcare Reform, 24th & 25th January 2015, Manipal college of nursing.

    2. Mrs. Latha. S, Panel Discussion on ‘Nurse as a change agent in transition of health care', National conference on health beat – in search of sustainable quality nursing care, 22nd January 2015, Laxmi memorial college of nursing

    3. Prof. Mrs. Fatima D’Silva, Panel discussion on benefits of employees, Alumni meets, 28th February 2015, Father Muller College of nursing.

    4. Dr. Fatima D’ Silva, Multi method research, Workshop on Multi method research, 5th & 6th June 2015, KLE University.

    5. Mrs. Cleeta Anline Pinto, Risk of osteoporosis and determination of Serum oestrogen level among women, NRSICON”15, 29th to 31st October 2015, Father Muller college of Nursing.

    6. Ms. Gincy Joseph, Lived experience of women diagnosed with Breast cancer, “Taking the Crab out of the way- An Oncological Nursing Perspective”, 27th and 28th November 2015, MIMS college of Nursing and department of Oncology MIMS hospital.

    7. Mrs. Latha .S, Effect of intradialytic exercise on fatigue & quality of life among hemodialysis patients from a selected hospital at Mangalore, National conference on health care innovations, 30.6.16, Laxmi memorial college of nursing.

    8. Mrs. Cleeta Anline Pinto, Effectiveness of fenugreek on blood sugar level among type II diabetics in a selected community at Mangalore, National conference on health care innovations, 30.6.16, Laxmi Memorial College of nursing.

    9. Mrs. Mamatha .B, Effectiveness of video assisted teaching program on knowledge regarding prevention & management of laryngitis among primary school teachers of selected primary schools at Hassan, National conference on health care innovations, 30.6.16, Laxmi memorial college of nursing.

    10. Dr. Prof. Mrs. Fatima D’Silva, Resource person for patient care assignment, In service education on Quality nursing care through appraisal and patient care assignment, 22nd July 2016, Laxmi memorial college of nursing.

    11. Mrs. Mamatha .B, Resource person for In service education on Role of nurses in administration of chemotherapeutic drugs, 22.07.16, In service education, Nitte Usha Institute of Nursing Sciences.

    12. Mrs. Latha .S, Resource person for In service education on Care of patients undergoing abdominal surgery, 11.11.16, In service education, Nitte Usha Institute of Nursing Sciences.

    13. Ms. Gincy Joseph, Relationship between iron intake and haemoglobin level among the migrated labour women working in the various construction areas of Mangalore, International Conference on Impact of Global Issues on Women and Children, 9th to 12th January 2017, Manipal College of Nursing Manipal University.

    14. Dr. Prof. Mrs. Fatima D’Silva, Nursing practice issues and innovations, National conference on Envisioning-creating the future,03.06.17, Father Muller College of Nursing ,FMCI

    15. Mrs.Latha .S, Effectiveness of low intensity aerobic exercise on balance among elderly, National conference on Envisioning-creating the future,03.06.17, Father Muller College of Nursing ,FMCI

    16. Mrs.Latha .S, Descriptive study on the perception of medication error among interns and staff nurses, National conference on Informatics-engaging, enabling and empowering nurses in digital health, 31.07.17, Laxmi memorial college of nursing.

    1. Prof .Mrs. Fatima D' Silva Principal, CON
    2. Mrs.Latha.S Asso. Professor & H.O.D
    3. Mrs. Cleeta Anline Pinto Principal SON
    4. Ms. Gincy Lecturer
    5. Mrs. Mamatha Lecturer
    6. Mrs. Mable Asst.Lecturer
    7. Ms.Viola D’Souza Asst.Lecturer
    EVENTS/EXTENSION ACTIVITY 1. Regional Seminar on Dialysis in hospital and home setting, August 2016

    2. Need based School health programme at Govt School Madoor, September 2016

    3. International Day for the Elderly, November 2016

    4. Street Play-Obesity screening and Mass Health Education -29th Nov 2016

    5. CNE on Quality Assurance And Infection Control In Clinical Practices, 06-12-2016

    6. Radio awareness programme on International Disability Day, 14.12.2016