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Student Funded Projects

Student Projects 2018

Sl. No. Student Investigator Faculty Guide Title Grant Amount
1 Aghy Sebastian Mrs. Timi Thomas Correlation between BMD level and preventive Osteoporotic practice among menopausal women Rs.4000.00
2 Amulya S N Prof. Sabitha Nayak A retrospective study on age at Menarche and risk of Gestational diabetes mellitus among antenatal mothers in a selected hospital at Mangaluru. Rs.4000.00
3 Anisha K S Prof. Sabitha Nayak A descriptive study on changes in weight among normal exclusively breastfed neonates until discharge at K.S. Hegde Charitable Hospital, Deralakatte. Rs.3500.00
4 Anju Suresh Mrs. Sunanda B A retrospective study on the maternal and fetal outcome among antenatal mothers with hypertensive disorders and normal pregnancy in a selected hospital Rs.3500.00
5 Annsmaria E T Prof. Shynee Paul Effectiveness of information booklet on self care management of patients receiving chemotherapy among cancer survivors at selected hospital, Mangalore Rs.4000.00
6 Suprada Chodankar Prof. Philomena Fernandes A study on knowledge of antenatal mothers regarding human milk banking in a selected hospital at Mangalore with a view to develop on information booklet Rs.4000.00
7 Aina Siby James Mr. Jince V John A correlational study on medication compliance and blood glucose level among type II diabetic mellitus patients in selected rural areas under Natekar, PHC, Mangalore Rs.3800.00
8 Jibna Babu Mrs. Suchithra B S Effectiveness of teaching module on knowledge regarding urinary incontinence among post menopausal women Rs.4000.00
9 Merin John Dr. Jacintha Veigas A comparative study of Menopausal Knowledge, Attitude and symptoms among employed and unemployed women in a selected community. Rs.4000.00
10 Merlin Anto Dr. Neetha Kamath Relationship between knowledge and attitude on vasectomy among rural men with a view to develop booklet on vasectomy Rs.4000.00
11 Rose Mary Joseph Mrs. Sarita Telma Fernandes The relationship between the non compliance behavior and biological parameters among CKD patients undergoing Hemodialysis in Rural Health Centre, Karkala. Rs.5000.00
12 Arathi A S Mr. Sukesh A correlational study on the importance of breakfast with academic performance among nursing students in selected college at Mangaluru. Rs.4000.00
13 Fifons Mrs. Nalini M Relation with selfie taking behavior and body image acceptance among adolescents in selected PU College at Deralakatte, Mangaluru Rs.3500.00
14 Jincy James Prof. Sujatha R Relationship between perceived stress and resilience among nurses working in a selected hospital at Mangaluru Rs.3800.00
15 Sherin Shaju Mrs. Harsha Thomas Effectiveness of Fenugreek seed paste on dandruff among college students in a selected girls hostel at Deralakatte in Mangalore Rs.3000.00
16 Sonam Dolma Prof. Sujatha R Effectiveness of cognitive edification programme on knowledge and practice of early ambulation among nursing students in a selected nursing institute. Rs.3900.00
17 Sushmitha H R Mrs. Mamatha B Effectiveness of warm water foot soak therapy for fatigue among cancer patients in a selected hospital at Mangaluru. Rs.3500.00
18 Tesna Titus Mrs. Cleeta Anline Pinto Factors associated with diagnostic delay and health seeking behaviors among patients with Pulmonary Tuberculosis. Rs.2000.00

Student Projects 2017


Student investigator

Faculty guide


Grant amount


Ms. Krithika Shetty

Mrs. Latha S

Effectiveness of Incentive spirometry on postoperative outcome among clients undergoing laparotomy from a selected hospital at Mangaluru



Ms. Joel Clare Michael

Mr. Jince V John

Self directed learning practices and academic performance among undergraduate nursing students

Rs. 6000/-


Ms. Ashwini Joylin Martis

Mrs. Sarita Telma Fernandes

Effectiveness of planned teaching programme regarding knowledge on nutritional requirement for patient with chronic renal failure among the staff nurses in a selected hospital



Ms. Aleena Sunny

Ms. Joyce D Souza

Assess the level of depression, anxiety and stress among post hysterectomy women in selected hospital at Mangaluru



Ms. Juwel George

Prof. Sujatha R

Effect of pre and post operative instruction module on anxiety for mothers of children with hypospadias in selected hospitals of Mangaluru



Ms. Amritha C Chandran

Mrs. Sarita Telma Fernandes

A study to assess the knowledge and practice of dietary management in patient undergoing hemodialysis at selected hospital

Rs. 5,000/-


Ms. Pema Yangtso

Mrs. Timi Thomas

Effectiveness of Self Instructional Module regarding menopausal health on quality of life among women in selected community areas of Mangalore taluk



Ms. Ibawanhunlang Chyne

Mrs. Sunanda B

Relationship between pregnancy weight gain, gestational age and new born weight among postnatal mothers in a selected hospital, Mangaluru